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Enter Amount: Response to Claims of Copyright Infringement PDF Print E-mail Response to Claims of Copyright Infringement

When or its companies receives a copyright infringement claim involving music, video, software, or other digital materials, it takes the following steps under the 1998 federal statute known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA:
  • we check usage logs to examine the system alleged to be involved in copyright infringement and we identify the phone number the call came from as identified in the caller-id field;
  • we suspend the phone number’s capability of connecting to modem pools;
  • we notify the copyright holder (or agent) that we are handling the infringement claim under the guidelines of the DMCA;
  • we DO NOT disclose the user's phone number;
  • since we do not know the user's identity, we can not notify the user however we post the Copyright Infringement message on our forums section as a notice.
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